Laboratory Facilities

Our laboratories are central to our business philosophy of putting our customers first and provide two essential and complimentary functions:

1. Facilities for technical development and support.

2. Continuous verification of product conformity, consistency and quality in manufacture.

We have therefore invested heavily in our laboratory facilities and equipment. The following test procedures are readily available:

• Rheometer

• Hardness

• Specific Gravity (SG)

• Tensile

• Thermo Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)


• Mooney Viscosity

• Compression Set

• Volume Swell Testing

• Heat Aging

Every batch of vulcanisable material is currently tested for Rheometer, Hardness and Specific Gravity. Master batches are also tested for Mooney Viscosity. Additional test procedures can be undertaken if required.

We have been successfully audited by a number of approval bodies, as well as by our customers’ own technical and quality departments. We have been repeatedly complimented on our equipment, procedures and records.