DKT 2015 shows rubber industry leading the way
July 2015

As the DKT show (the International Rubber Conference and Trade Exhibition) draws to a close, a leading compounding specialist has hailed it as an example of everything that is good in the industry.

Paul Hallas, Operations Director of SPC said: "The European rubber industry is setting a good example of how, even in these times of global economic uncertainty, it is putting Europe at the heart of a global market.

"The industry is continuing to innovate and invest in the future. Nowhere was that more evident than at the DKT 2015 exhibition, which was filled with examples of innovation and was a great showcase of a buoyant industry."

DKT (Deutsche Kautschuk Tagung - the International Rubber Conference and Trade Exhibition) takes place every three years at Nuremberg in Germany. The four-day show is an important date in the rubber and polymer sector calendar.

SPC was one of more than 270 exhibitors at the 2015 show, which attracted record numbers of visitors. On his return from the exhibition Paul Hallas said: "The Trade Association of the German Rubber Industry and the German Rubber Society must be congratulated for their hard work and for hosting such an excellent event.

"SPC enjoyed great success at DKT and our attendees enjoyed meeting both new and old acquaintances", he added.

SPC Unveils New Logo
March 2015

Specialist rubber compounder, SPC, has announced the launch of a new logo, which they say is part of an ongoing evolution of the company's brand.

Operations Director, Paul Hallas, said: "The change in our image represents the growth that we're currently enjoying in the business. We are a forward moving business and use cutting-edge technology to help us produce the highest quality compounds. The development in our brand is a reflection of our forward momentum.

"We have expanded from a UK company to an international one, with a strong presence in Spain and further global opportunities. It made sense, therefore, to drop the 'UK' from the logo.

"In addition to the changes, we have also retained much of our established brand essence. For example, the logo image is a development of our former grey and blue band, and represents the heart of what we do: manufacturing high quality rubber strips. We have also held on to our brand colours. The message behind this is that, at our core, we are the same trusted company; but that we are also constantly evolving, improving and looking to the future."

After sharing the brand development with staff in the UK and Spain, and applying it to the company newsletter, Paul announced: "Our fresh and distinctive brand will be rolled out over the coming months, applied firstly to our external-facing communications before becoming embedded in all aspects of our business."

SPC Jevsa forges links with University
June 2014

Specialist rubber compounder SPC Jevsa is boosting its analytic capability with new links to a local university. Following a successful visit by engineering students from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia to its site on 28 May, SPC Jevsa's technical team are working with the university on advanced analytical techniques* to study rubber compounds.

Sophisticated equipment at the University, together with cutting-edge research will enable SPC Jevsa to develop a deeper understanding of the curing reaction and how to achieve more efficient vulcanisation of customer compounds.

This is only the first step, however. The UK-owned company is already discussing with the Spanish university how they can cooperate to better understand mixing and curing of elastomer compounds, or where specific customers need in-depth analysis of their processes and compounds.

*These techniques focus on spectrophotometry - the measurement of different temperatures at separate points within a mass of compound and how the properties depend on the changes in temperature. The specific techniques include NIR - ATR - FTIR spectrophotometry (Near infra-red - Attenuated total reflectance - Fourier Transform Infra Red spectrophotometry.)

SPC Jevsa is now accredited to ISO/TS16949
May 2014

Spanish rubber compounder SPC Jevsa has won a prestigious quality accolade. The UK-owned automotive supplier has been accredited to ISO/TS16949 by TÜV SÜD an internationally accredited certification body for various management systems

Meeting the demanding standard means the door is open for SPC Jevsa to win more business and contracts in the automotive supply chain.

Paul Hallas SPC Jevsa said, "Our whole team put in an outstanding performance to meet the stringent criteria required by the inspectors. Even now that we have the certificate, we will continue to work above the standards of this specification, as we aim to deliver the best quality and service to our customers and continue to raise the bar on quality".

ISO/TS16949 accreditation means SPC Jevsa has robust processes in place to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. The award covers SPC Jevsa's production processes, supply chain and customer service, among other management functions.

Each of these is subject to annual review to ensure SPC Jevsa offers the highest standards of satisfaction. This means SPC Jevsa meets the quality management systems of automotive makers around the world.

SPC JEVSA Launches New Website
August 2013

SPC JEVSA has launched a new web site. The Barcelona-based rubber compounder was formed last month following the acquisition of IACP JEVSA, S.A by rubber compounding specialist SPC Europe Ltd.

Featuring the branding, design and logo of the newly formed company, the website confirms the Jevsa business is operating at the same facility in Barcelona, with the same employees, under the new management.

Paul Hallas, Operations Director SPC, said: "The new website is important for SPC JEVSA as it helps reinforce the company's identity. It shows both staff and customers that the company is open for business as usual and is well positioned to go from strength to strength."

The web site's address is

SPC Europe Ltd Acquires IACP JEVSA, S.A (Jevsa)
July 2013

Rubber compounding specialist SPC Europe Ltd has announced today that it has acquired the assets of the Barcelona-based rubber compounder, IACP JEVSA, S.A (Jevsa). The deal secures the future of Jevsa, which has been in financial difficulties since 2008.

The acquisition marks the latest chapter in the story of SPC's growth, whose position as a global market leader marks it out as a UK manufacturing success story. SPC revealed that it has been negotiating with the Administrator for some months and finally closed the deal at midnight on 25 July 2013.

SPC confirmed the Jevsa business will continue to operate at the same facility in Barcelona, with the same employees, under the new name SPC Jevsa SA. This new company will operate free from the debts which crippled the former Jevsa business.

Paul Hallas, Operations Director SPC, said: "We are delighted to have closed this deal. Jevsa has been operating profitably for some years, but was insolvent because of bad debts and high interest payments. We have not taken on the debts, but we have taken on the people and the equipment of the company". Jevsa operates three mixing lines with inline straining, with a total capacity of up to 44,000 tonnes of compound annually. All lines have been modernised in the last five years.

He continued, "We will continue to operate the business unchanged with the same people. It is business as usual. The business can now concentrate on its customers and continue to provide a high-level of service and technical support to its customers."